Working in entrepreneurship the last 5 years and participating in four early stage startups has exposed me to a variety of industries. It has also allowed me to accumulate a diverse skill set across many job functions and as result given me the ability to provide all kinds of companies with an eclectic mix of services. Some of these skills and services include:

1. Fundraising guidance and facilitation 

2. Presentation creation and delivery

3. Investor introductions

4. Sales strategy planning and implementation

5. Cold-calling

6. Marketing strategy planning and implementation

7. Social media advisement and execution

8. Working with high impact influencers

9. Viral marketing

10. Growth hacking

11. Connecting, connecting and even more connecting

12. Networking, networking and more networking

13. Establishing strategic partnerships

14. Access to a high quality rolodex

15. Public speaking

16. Motivational speaking 

17. Leadership training and development

18. Team-building and assembly

19. Charismatic leadership

20. Mediation

21. Lean startup practices, methodology and implementation

 22. Proof of concept testing

23. Customer development